API Overview

The Webcron API is available for all members of Webcron. Even members with a temporary account. If you plan to make heavy use of the API (> 2000 requests a day), please drop us a line first.


Currently, our API is in the Beta stage of development. This means things can change and bugs can exist. Please let us know when you discover an error.

Get API login & password

For all API requests you need a login and password. These are not the same as the ones used to access this website. You can generate the credentials here.

Questions... need help?

Contact us through our contact form or ask a question in the forum.

Choose your key... or use both!

For ease of use and to facilitate the automatic submission of servers into the Webcron Monitoring System, you can create and use your own key, by using the "name" field, as long as you take care and keep them unique.

Example: You want to insert 10 servers from client Abc into the system using monitor.add. In stead of storing the id we return to you for future changements, you can use the name you have given as a reference. Now, say you want to change the frequence of all those 10 servers by using the method monitor.edit. You POST to the API (in short):


Even names with spaces work! By using your own naming convention, you only have to check for a positive response, or an error code. This won't be enough for all of you, but it can help those who want a very easy way of communicating with our service.