Request Format REST

A REST request is very easy to understand. It is a simple HTTP GET or HTTP POST action.

Some methods require a GET and some a POST. General rule of thumb; If you send us information, you need a POST. If you ask us to send information you should use a GET. You can find the right action for a method in it's documentation.


The url for all requests is:
or, for a non-secure request:

GET Example,2/protocol:http

The part after "" is the method of the request. In above example the method is monitor.get. After the method you can add parameters. The format of parameters is: name:value or, in case of more values: name:value1,value2,value3

POST and encoding

The format of posted data is as follows: "fieldName=value".


All data in a POST should be properly encoded. In above example, the string after "url" and "post" are encoded.  Most languages have a function to do this (php: urlencode(), javascript: escape()). Or use an online encoding tool .

cURL POST Example

Below an example using cURL to add a monitor. Replace ApiUsername and ApiPassword by yours.

curl -u ApiUsername:ApiPassword -d name='theName' -d url='' -d protocol=http -d frequence=2