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Global Performance Monitoring

Response time reports

and downtime alerts

We monitor your server, website, router and more and notify you when something is wrong. While we do this, we collect detailed response time and availability data from 9 global monitor stations! We offer you the tool to measure the response time of your server, website or application from end-user's perspective.


What do we offer ?

Server, website and router monitoring.
We monitor from various geographic locations. If your server or site is unreachable from more then one location, you receive an alert (if you choose to receive one!).


Measure the uptime of your server.
You can use this to prove your SLA or to prove your hosting partner does not meet it's SLA.


Measure the response time of your server, from 9 different locations.
Analyze the difference between 9 stations, for dns resolve time, connect time, server transaction time, transfer time and total time. Differentiate the performance at server and infrastructure level. If you only need some of the stations, you simply disable the others.


Webcron API.
Free use of our API to integrate server monitoring directly into your current dashboard, control panel or other system.


Choose a check interval between 1 and 60 minutes.
For mission critical applications, a frequency of 1 minute will be the best choice. For less critical systems, we offer intervals between 1 and 60 minutes as well. For € 0,43 per month only, your server will be checked every 10 minutes! A frequency of 1 minute costs only € 4,38 per month.


Multi-user notifications of problems via email or cellphone.
All incidents and solved incidents can be found in the RSS feed as well.


4 protocols.
Full http and https transaction, ftp and ping.


Monitor content changes.
By comparing the returned content we can send an alert if content changes.


Custom headers.
Add custom request headers to every monitor check.


String verification.
Verifies if a certain string is found.


Affordable! You pay what you use.
If you monitor a server only 2 hours a week, you pay only € 0,05 per month! (frequency: 1 minute). Every check costs € 0,0001. See our price list.


With a redundant, multi-station infrastructure, we offer a reliable solution.


Easy to use.
With advanced functionality!

Who can use monitoring ?

Hosting companies.
Not just for monitoring uptime or receive alerts , but our response time data contains a lot of useful information about global network access and server performance. The Webcron API makes implementing webcron monitoring a breeze.


Cloud computing companies.
The great advantage of scalable "clouds" combined with scalable monitoring (through the API) and "pay what you use" makes this a perfect fit!


Webmasters and System Administrators.
For who manages or owns one or several servers or server instances (VPS and other virtual products). Check uptime and performance for a reasonable price. Use our advanced tools to improve your service or to proof a problem with you're hosting partner.


Internet professionals.
You can use monitoring to compare and investigate. You can use it as a proof of uptime or to proof a certain uptime did not meet the agreement.


How ?

It is very easy to start Monitoring. Create an account or login. If you use the promotion code "BROCH210" we give you an additional € 5. You can test our service during one week for free or until your credits are finished.

Add a new monitor and within a minute our stations begin to check. The first response time charts will be available within 15 minutes.