Webcron Restyled
Friday, 22 October 2010 13:15

The Webcron logo and website have been restyled! We hope you like it!


The Dashboard changed. Cron's and Monitors can be closed so they won't take up all your screen if you've got a lot. You can also enable or disable a cron, monitor or contact from within the dashboard. Reports are improved, charts are bigger, logs are easier to read and to find, we regrouped the features in the monitors and have hidden some "expert feature" that scared some of you. We also added the possibility to create multiple alerts per monitor with the same contacts. Now you can receive an alert after 1 failure, and again one after 6 failures. You can add contacts as you go, without the need to create the contact first.


Overall speed has been improved to. Take a look and leave us a note with your thoughts...