2015 - Price indexation

Dear Customer,

In accordance with our General Conditions, we would like to inform you of our exceptional indexation on our Service Charges.

The revised price will apply from 1 January 2015, and will appear on your service consumption for 2015.

This indexation of 10% is caused by inflation which is increasing our cost base ( We didn't modified our prices since 2008..) and our continuous effort to enhance our value proposition.

We intend to continue with this endeavor in the future.
In order to make this possible, we have to increase our prices as we are faced with increased costs such as colocation, licenses, rental, taxes, and labor expenses.
These expenses are increased by inflation which we cannot control.

Moreover, we will continue to invest in the development of new services and features while increasing the quality of our existing services and support organization.

We thank you for your understanding.
Our commitment is to continuously provide you with high quality services.


The Webcron team