Set up a cron job for Digital-Access-Pass plugin PDF 

How to set up a cron job for Digital Access Pass plugin ?

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Digital-Access-Pass Plugin is installed on my server. Set up a cron job to trigger Digital-Access-Pass plugin's cron job script.

Our webcron service is fully compatible for triggering Digital-Access-Pass Plugin's cron job script.
Just follow below theses steps to configure cron job for Digital-Access-Pass Plugin :


Open your webcron dashboard

open dashboard webcron






click on "new cron job" button.


Set up cron job for Digital-Access-Pass Plugin


In field "URL you want to execute...", paste the URL you copied.
e.g. (set cron job to run 30 min) (set cron job to run every 5 min)
(replace with your install location).

For Digital-Access-Pass, configure the Cronjob TimeOut on 30 sec.

Checkout below screenshot:

create new cron on webcronselect several values on webcron

If necessary, finish the other optional settings. (Alerts)

Click "" button.