New API method: cron.state
2011-08-31 00:00

We introduced a new API method called cron.state. It returns the status and additional information on the last execution of a cron or multiple cron's.

New Cron time out of 30 and 60 minutes!
2011-08-30 15:03

A special request of all our users scheduling a back-up with our Cron service, we now introduce Cron with a timeout of 30 and even 60 minutes! I think these are the longest timeout values around!

As of today, custom timeout values are possible as well. Contact us if you've got special needs.

Japanese SEO
2011-04-14 21:13

We are looking for Japanese SEO that will do the Japanese SEO part in our multi lingual site.

Here are our requirements –
- Native speaking Japanese company workers with proven experience in the SEO field.
- Research relevant site keywords and come up with 25 most relevant keywords to be in Google and Yahoo top 10 results.
- Find and Build at least 50 Japanese’s links.
- build Google ad / Yahoo advertising Japanese campaign.
- build/fix all sites Japanese Meta tags and alt tags completely.

We require detailed plan of work for at least 3 months ahead.

Please Japanese native speaking SEO only.

Interested by this mission ? Please contact us !

Selectable stations, frequency and custom header added
2011-04-01 09:42

Since this morning, April 1st. 2011 we added some pretty cool new features;

Selectable stations: You can now choose what stations perform your monitoring. Not interested in results from Rio de Janeiro and Berlin? You simply disable them.

Frequency between 1 and 60 minutes: Some of you asked us for bigger intervals between checks. You can now check your server or website with an interval between 1 to 60 minutes.

Custom headers: We've added the possibility to add multiple custom request headers to every monitor.

Hope you enjoy the new features. Next development cycle will focus on improved alerting in case of unavailable servers. Keep sending your opinions and feature requests.

Cloud Computing Expo
2010-10-22 13:19

From Monday November 1st untill Saturday 6th, Webcron will be available in the Bay area in California. We will be more then happy to meet you, so don't hesitate to contact us if you will be in the area. We will visit the Cloud Computing Expo in Santa Clara, be present on the CloudCamp (Tuesday evening) and at the Rigtscale User Conference, in the Hyat Santa Clara.