Returns actual status of one or more monitors.

Authentication & Action

This method needs authentication. It can be accessed by http and https.

Action type: HTTP GET.


id (not required)

The id of the monitor or monitors. Id should be an integer of an existing monitor.

name (not required)

The name of the monitor. When a name is used in stead of an id or group_id, this method can only return the status of this monitor. You can not send a comma seperated list of names.  name should be a string(64).

group_id (not required)

The id of the group. When specified, this returns status of all monitors in this group. Id should be an integer of an existing group.

state (not required)

Return only monitors with a certain state. Allowed values: ok / error

If no arguments are send, the state of all monitors will be returned.

Example Request,83445,83446

Example Response

<rsp status="ok" total="2">
   <monitor id="74978" name="Server A" enabled="1" state="ok" />
   <monitor id="83445" name="Server B" enabled="0" />
   <monitor id="83446" name="Server C" enabled="1" state="error" since="2009-02-26 16:02:14" />