Set up a cron job for jApps PDF 

How to set up a cron job for jApps?


jApps is installed on my server. Set up a cron job to trigger jApps plugin's cron job script.

Our webcron service is fully compatible for triggering jApps Plugin's cron job script.
Just follow below theses steps to configure cron job for jApps Plugin :


Open your webcron dashboard

open dashboard webcron






click on "new cron job" button.


Set up cron job for jApps

jApps cron configuration

In field "URL you want to execute...", paste the URL you copied.
e.g. http://yourdomaint/index.php?option=com_jcenter&contrller=scheduler&task=process&tmpl=component
(replace with your install location).
For  JA Job Board, configure the Cronjob TimeOut on 30 sec.

Checkout below screenshot:

create new cron on webcronselect several values on webcron

If necessary, finish the other optional settings. (Alerts)

Click "" button.