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General Conditions of Use of the website

Thank you for visiting the website (the 'Site'). The terms '' and 'We' refer to the company 13 PASS MULTIMEDIA. We hope you have an excellent user experience on our Site. These Conditions of Use (hereafter the ‘Conditions’) apply to all our respective rights and obligations relative to use of the Site. Therefore we invite you to read these Conditions carefully before using the Site.

1. Description of the Site Services

On its website, offers a selection of online services, examples among which are monitoring and crontab published by, services that make content created by users available, discussion areas to exchange with other users, offer opinions, critiques and comments, as well as links to third party-managed merchant sites (hereafter the ‘Services’). The use of some of these Services requires prior opening of a user account (see articles 10, 11 and 13 of these Conditions), as indicated on the website pages.

The Services are exclusively intended for physical users and companies acting in a non-professional and/or professional manner.

2. Acceptance of these Conditions

Use of the Site and its Services implies your full and complete acceptance of these Conditions and of the Confidentiality Charter that can be accessed at the address If you do not accept these Conditions or the Confidentiality Charter, you cannot use the Site Services and you should leave the Site immediately. reserves the right to change these conditions at any time and to update this page. Effects of these changes may be that these Conditions apply to other services, promotions and particular products that we may be in a position to provide on a case by case basis. These changes come into effect three days after they have been added to this page.

Therefore, we invite you to regularly visit this page to familiarise yourself with the latest Conditions of Use, in the measure whereby your use of this Site implies full and complete acceptance of all changes.

The latest update to these Conditions dates from March 30, 2016.

3. Contact us

This Site is managed and controlled by the company 13 PASS Multimedia, SARL registered under the n°522407782, with headquarters at 402 LE BEC 33340 LESPARRE MEDOC. In order to initiate contact with, please send an email to

4. policy regarding privacy

Respecting your personal data is important for In compliance with the law of January 6, 1978, you have the right to access, rectify and delete any personal data that concerns you by written request to France, 402 LE BEC 33340 LESPARRE MEDOC.

5. Intellectual property

All of the Elements reproduced on the Site, such as sound, audiovisuals, visuals, texts, graphics, characters, logos and other images, downloadable software and source codes, along with their selection and provision (hereafter Site Content Elements), are protected by copyright and all other intellectual property laws and belong to or to third parties that have authorised to use these Elements on the Site. respects the intellectual property rights of others and asks users of this website to do the same. Your use of the Site does not give you any rights over the Site and over its Site Content Elements. All of the operating rights pertaining to Site Content belong to (or to the relevant third parties).

6. Your use of Site Content

The use of this Site and its Site Content Elements presupposes that you comply with these Conditions and with the applicable laws and regulations. Any modification to or use of Site Content that is not in compliance with these Conditions is forbidden and may lead to prosecution. You may not delete, modify or hide copyright notices or any other notice featured on the Site or on any other format that you have accessed or downloaded using the Site.

You may access Site Content and display it for non-commercial, personal and entertainment purposes on one computer only. The Site Content must not be copied, reproduced, republished, downloaded, preserved, modified, broadcast to the public and used for any means whatsoever, commercial or non-commercial, without the express permission of or except within the strictly necessary framework for the User to display, use and visit the Site. Any authorisation to copy Site Content granted by, for any reason whatsoever, is limited to a single copy for non-commercial, personal and entertainment purposes on one computer only and you commit to leaving intact any notices pertaining to copyright or any other proprietary mention. The use of Site Content on any other website or network environment is forbidden. You are not authorised to decompile, disassemble, dismount, rent, loan or grant a licence to others or to carry out derivative work based on the Site and its Content, including the information and the software that are placed at your disposal thereon.

7. Forums, publications and electronic communications

You may not post electronic messages, submit or publish content on Forums or, in a more general way, make content available on the Site, or act in any way that we deem to:

* libel, defame, detract from privacy or human dignity, be obscene in nature, pornographic, racist, abusive, constitute harassment, a threat or an insult, provoke embarrassment, discomfort or anxiety in a person, aim to exploit or damage children by exposing them to inappropriate content, by asking them for elements of identification or anything else.

* infringe the intellectual property rights of any person or entity, including author copyright, branding rights or the rights of a personality, - break or are liable to break any law whatsoever.

* reveal information that you have no right to divulge under application of a contractual or other relationship (ex: internal, filed or confidential information received as part of a working relationship or a non-disclosure agreement), - recommend or promote illegal activities.

* usurp the identity of a person or entity or misrepresent your links to them, or misuse headers or identifiers to disguise the origin of content; encourage commercial activity (for example, offer products or services for sale) or put commercial activity into practice (for example, hold lotteries or competitions, display sponsorship banners or solicit goods or services) with the exception of what is specifically authorised on the Site.

* solicit funds, advertising or sponsors.

* include programmes that contain viruses, infections and/or "Trojan horses" or any other code, file or programme that could interrupt, destroy, damage, disturb or slow down operations, make the Site less efficient or in any case cause damage to or limit the features of this Site or of any other software, IT material or telecommunications systems.

* disturb the normal flow of dialogues, accelerate the scrolling of the screen in such a way as to prevent users from following and typing their dialogue, or act in a way that affects the capacity of other people to participate in real time in the activities on offer on the Site.

* copy any page or image on the site without authorisation, including MP3 files.

* create pyramid programmes or other similar structures.

* correspond to using the site as a “Data Warehouse” (in other words, using any Internet space at your disposal to store voluminous files that are only accessible through links that can be consulted from other sites).

* misunderstand policy or temporary rules relative to the use of this Site and all networks connected to the Site; or

* create links to other sites that contain the type of content described above.

Furthermore, you must not remove any element whatsoever that has been inserted by anywhere on the Site (in other words the entire Internet space that has been placed at your disposal).

All the content, information and opinions that feature and/or have been expressed within the framework of bulletins, galleries, discussion areas or on the community pages and the Site Forums (hereafter the ‘Forums’) do not necessarily reflect those of, its subsidiaries, partners or content suppliers. does not subscribe or commit to following or reviewing the content of the Forums as this is not its responsibility. can delete or modify any content without prior notice or responsibility at any moment and at its full discretion. cannot be held responsible for any absence or delay in deleting any content whatsoever and especially any content that is clearly illicit if it has not been informed or if prompt action is taken to prevent access. Any use of the Forums is at your own risk and is subject to the instructions given above.

8. User proposals

Your ideas interest us. Therefore, you may occasionally be called upon, on certain parts of the Site, to submit your designs, scenarios or any other potential content (hereafter ‘Solicited Proposals’). In this case, specific rules apply to the Solicited Proposals and these are available on the pages of the Site (‘Additional Conditions’). We invite you to familiarise yourself with them when they go online.

However, we do not accept or consider designs, scenarios or other elements that are not solicited by We kindly ask you to refrain from sending any unsolicited proposals to

Under no circumstances whatsoever will Solicited Proposals sent to be treated in a confidential manner.

Please act in a responsible manner when you use the Site. You may only use the Site and its Content for legal means, in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. It is forbidden to store, distribute or transmit illicit elements through the intermediary of the Site. You cannot gather or store personal information about other Site users. You recognise that the storage, distribution or transmission of any illicit elements falls under your own civil and/or criminal responsibility. You recognise and accept that any element that is placed at the public’s disposal (other than by or is transmitted privately through the Site falls under the sole responsibility of the person transmitting and that you are solely responsible for any element that you have supplied, posted or transmitted via the Site.

9. Our use of User Content considers any element that you supply to or to the Site to be freely available for use on our part, with no obligation towards you, except:

Solicited Proposals which have been expressly subject to the Additional Conditions that appear at another location on the Site (see articles 7 and 8).

Under reserve of the conditions of the Additional Conditions, by making available or by transferring any element towards the Site and/or by supplying any elements or all communications to (‘User Content’), you:

(a) grant and/or any person authorised by, for the entire duration of the protection of the rights associated with the User Content (including all extensions and renewals), all over the world, the right to use, reproduce, distribute, modify, publish, display, represent/broadcast, transmit, make available to users of the Site by any process whatsoever, to make use of the User Content in any way and to advertise and promote such use in every manner possible (Internet banners, leaflets, posters, stickers, emails, etc.) and in any media or format known or not yet known at this time (Internet, digital format, electronic, mechanical, magnetic, optical, print etc.),

(b) within the legally authorised limits, rescind any moral rights to the User Content of which you could be the title holder somewhere in the world, and confirm that these rights have not been claimed,

(c) guarantee that you are the owner of the User Content or that the power to accept these Conditions has been vested in you;

(d) confirm that no User Content is subject to any obligation whatsoever, confidentiality or otherwise, for you or any other person and that is not responsible for any use or divulgation of User Content in an automatic and irrevocable manner.

10. Opening an account

To access some Services on the Site, you may first be invited to identify yourself. It will therefore be necessary to open an account. All the information you supply during the registration process must be correct, valid and complete. This is a condition of use of the Site. You commit to informing without delay of any changes relative to your registration. If the information supplied is incorrect, invalid or incomplete, access to the Site or to the Services concerned will be refused to you and we will be within our rights to suspend or close your account.

In the absence of counter information supplied when opening your account, use of this Site supposes (and by using it, you guarantee this) that you have the legal capacity to enter into a contract in order to accept these Conditions (that is, be of sufficient age, have the mental capacity and all of the qualities and powers to be legally bound by these Conditions).

Once you have registered with the Site, you can also subscribe to certain services that allow you to access content that is exclusively reserved for users registered with the Site (such as demonstrations, tips and downloads). does not guarantee that all of the Services will be on the Site, or that all of the content outlined above will be available for each service to which you are entitled to subscribe.

Any new user is entitled to a free trial period that can be up to 7 (seven) days long. During this period, we place one euro of credit at your disposal that allows the use of certain services. After this period, in order to continue to enjoy the use of these services, the user must add funds to the account through a financial transaction and credit in a reasonable manner the amount necessary for the use of the services offered by

Once the funds have been deposited and after a period limited to seven days after the transaction has been paid, is not bound to refund any remaining credit in an account. In the event whereby consents to respond favourably to a request for a credit refund, handling fees will be applied of up to 10% of the refunded amount, with a minimum amount of 10 euros.

11. Closing an account

Any user can terminate an account registered with at any time by sending an electronic message to the address given in article 3 of these Conditions. The account closure becomes effective within 3 days following receipt of the request to close the account. can close any account (or any part of an account) under the same conditions by sending an electronic message to the user and by respecting advance notice of 1 hour. reserves the possibility to close any account (or any part of an account) that you hold with us without prior notice, and to erase or close any part of your account or any Solicited Proposal or any element that you have transmitted to use in the case whereby you fall short of any one of your obligations under the terms of these Conditions or in the case whereby it is impossible for to continue operating the Site or the Services for economic, legal or technical reasons.

This closure will automatically lead to all the elements stored within your account being deleted. Therefore, it is recommended that users ensure save their elements to any other format of their choosing. cannot be held responsible further to this account closure.

All waivers of responsibility, compensation and exclusions foreseen under these Conditions will survive the termination, for any reason whatsoever, of the agreement that includes these Conditions.

12. Abusive use

You accept, in particular and not limited to, not to send a message or file in copy to multiple users, not to send multiple or voluminous messages or files to a single user with intent to damage (‘mail bombs’), not to send unsolicited mass electronic messages for commercial or other ends (‘spamming’), not to engage in any other activity liable to harm the working of the Site and normal use thereof.

You may not reproduce, sell, sell on, exchange or exploit any element of the Site Content, or any right to access to Site Content.

Examples of use that may be considered abusive: successive opening of several accounts that have the characteristic of soliciting the services of to the same end, with concomitant indicators such as the same IP connection address, or within the framework of using automated task services, or launches that point towards scripts with the same characteristics (URL among others).

13. User account, password and security

The passwords used on the Site are for individual use only and cannot be transferred. You are solely responsible for preserving the confidential nature of your password (if you have one). If you use a password that considers to be insufficiently secure or that harms third party rights, will be within its rights to insist that it be changed and/or to close your account. You are responsible for any information divulged on this Site by any person using your user name and password. If you learn of the existence of a breach in the security of your user name and password, you must inform us immediately. You must not use the services or the features offered within the framework of the Site to compromise the security of or tamper with the system resources and/or accounts. The use or the distribution of tools designed to compromise security (for example, programmes that guess passwords, cracking tools or network probing tools) is strictly forbidden. If you are implicated in any breach of the security system, reserves the right to communicate your contact details to the system administrators of other sites in order to assist them in resolving security incidents.

14. Service

To use the Site, you must have access to the World Wide Web and have paid the corresponding fees for this access. You should be in possession of the necessary equipment to connect to the Site on the World Wide Web (a computer, a modem and/or other access devices). reserves the right to modify or suspend, temporarily or permanently, with or without prior warning, all or part of the Site and/or any Site software, feature or service, and/or to establish general rules and limitations of use. reserves the right, at any time and for any reason whatsoever, to suspend, restrict or close access to the Site and/or to modify, refuse to make available or delete any element which you have provided.

15. Local regulations does not declare or guarantee that the Content and any other element of the Site is adapted or available for use outside France. If you choose to access the Site from other parts of the world, you do so upon your own initiative and at your own risk. You are responsible for upholding local laws, supposing that they exist, and in the measure to which they are applicable.

16. Compensation

You commit to guaranteeing and compensating, its managers, directors, staff, agents, distributors and affiliates against any complaint, demand, claim, action in responsibility, fees and expenses, including lawyers’ fees and any legal fees incurred, that result from a breach by you or by any other person authorised by you or for whom you are responsible (for example a staff member), of these Conditions, and/or the implementation or transmission of any element on and/or any use of your account.

17. Third-party sites

The Site may contain hypertext links that give access to other services or websites that are published and managed by third parties and make place content supplied by third parties available to Users (‘Third Party Content’). In this case, only acts as a simple technical provider. This is why does not verify, check, examine or approve Third Party Content, in particular the exactitude or reliability of texts, information, data, photographs, graphic elements, advertising, promotions, representations or declarations. Furthermore, does not check, examine or accept to examine the use that you and other users make of the Site, Third Party Content or the nature of the information that you and other users send or transfer. The responsibility of cannot be implicated with regard to Third Party Content and the use that is made thereof (whatever the founding principle: defamation, breach of privacy, revealing confidential information, counterfeiting intellectual property rights, negligence, etc.). You recognise and accept:

1. Except when there is express notice to the contrary, that is not responsible for the services provided by third parties on the Site or for the availability of any website or element to which you have access through the Site;

2. that is not a stakeholder in transactions or contracts established by you with third parties and that is in no way connected to you within the framework of said transactions and is not exposed to any contractual responsibility or tort with respect to this;

3. that you do not engage the responsibility of in case of conflict with a third party.

In particular, does not guarantee that the products and services that you purchase from third parties on the Site or via links on the Site, answer perfectly to your expectations, in the measure whereby sales subsidiaries belong to and are managed by independent retailers. does not endorse any merchandise or service and has taken no measures to confirm the exactitude or reliability of any information appearing on third party sites. does not offer any approach or guarantee regarding the security of any information (in particular and not limited to credit card and personal information) that could be requested of you by third parties and you relinquish any complaint against pertaining to such sites. We strongly advise you to perform all necessary or appropriate investigations before carrying out an online transaction with third party Internet sites.

18. Our obligations and limitations of liability commits to making reasonable efforts to maintain the Site in good working order and free from error. However, cannot guarantee that the Site will always be operational and free from any error. cannot be exposed to any responsibility for any defects, expenses and/or harm that result from your use of the site or if it is impossible to connect to the site. commits, within reasonable limits, to taking every usual precaution to ensure that every download is virus free. However, cannot guarantee that every download will be free from any virus and will not cause an interruption to your computer systems.

Apart from cases of death or injury that result from our negligence, declines any responsibility for direct or indirect damage (in particular loss of profit, loss of data, loss of contracts or business opportunities), that may result from the use of the Site or if it is impossible to use the Site, whether in principle (contractual, statutory, tort and other), and even under the hypothesis whereby has been informed of the possibility of such damages

19. Applicable law

The Content and all other elements of the Site are presented solely with the goal of informing about and promoting services and other products that are available in France. This site is controlled and operated by from its offices in France.

These Conditions are governed by French law. You are subject to the jurisdiction of French courts. Failure of to exercise a right or apply an article of these Conditions cannot be interpreted as repudiation on the part of of said right or said article.

Should one of the articles of these Conditions become illegal, null or inapplicable for any reason whatsoever, this does not affect the validity and legally binding nature of the remaining articles. These Conditions constitute the entirety of the agreement made between you and relative to the points that have been made.